Dylan G. '20 - I Wanted Opportunities to Lead

Posted by Matt Soule on 6/17/19 10:21 AM

Dylan grew up witnessing the leadership example of his older brother, and when his younger brother came along, he felt the drive to become a leader himself. Now, as a boarding student at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, Dylan has found his spot as a leader in the classroom and in the dorm.

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Austin P. '19 - I Knew I Could Do Better in the Classroom

Posted by Matt Soule on 6/17/19 10:07 AM

As a high school student in Jacksonville, Florida, Austin's goal became to "get through" high school, and his grades began to fall as a result. He knew his true potential, so he decided he needed to change his environment. Austin enrolled as a boarding student at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall with two goals: to prepare for college, and to play basketball.

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Sidney D. '21 - I Wanted Real Connections

Posted by Matt Soule on 6/17/19 9:57 AM

As a self-proclaimed "class clown", Sidney was always able to make her classmates laugh, but she wasn't making real connections. Sidney also loves an adventure, so she jumped at the opportunity to move across the country to attend a boarding school. One of Sidney's goals was to make real, honest connections with friends. She wanted an environment where others could get to know and value who she really is.

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Topics: Rewrite Your Story, boarding

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