Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall's 2020 Baccalaureate Ceremony

Posted by Ben Whitman on 5/31/20 1:09 PM
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On Friday, May 29th, the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School community gathered virtually for the 2020 Baccalaureate Ceremony to celebrate the Class of 2020 accomplishments and completion of high school.



Beyond the recognition of the graduating class, this year's Valedictorian and Salutatorian honorees were named. The Baccalaureate also presented the opportunity to hear from faculty and student speakers, as selected by the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall Class of 2020. Moreover, Junior Awards, Certificates of Distinction, Senior Departmental Prizes, Senior Awards, and Faculty Prizes were presented. The ceremony concluded with the always popular senior slide show presented by the Publications class.

Congratulations to the CH-CH Class of 2020 and the following award recipients:


Junior Awards:

Rensselaer Medal

Given to a junior who demonstrates potential for success in a challenging academic setting, this prize is awarded for excellence in advanced mathematics and science, as well as for significant participation in extracurricular activities.

Recipient: Aaron Codrington


Nancy S. Emery Award

Established in 1998 in memory of Nancy Spooner Emery, this award is given to a member of the junior class whose moral character has made a positive difference in the lives of others in the school community.

Recipient: Christian Choumenkovitch


Harvard Book Prize

This prize honors an outstanding student in the rising senior class who combines excellence in scholarship with achievement in other fields.

Recipient: Sidney Dual


Certificates of Distinction

Math and Science: Caroline Burke, Zhenqi “Harson” Liu, Benjamin Grayzel, Aydin Sengun

Humanities: Phannita Siriwattanawong (Mandarin); Denisa Lata (Spanish)

Arts: Xiaoran Luo, Jasper Kan, Alicia Walker, Maeve Kydd


Senior Departmental Prizes:

The English Prize

Acknowledges a senior who has both demonstrated consistent interest and achieved success in all areas of the subject.

Recipient: Maeve Kydd


The Donald Welch Social Studies Prize

Named in 2001 in order to honor Donald Welch, teacher of social studies for twenty-eight years, and is awarded to a senior who has both completed excellent work in social studies and demonstrated genuine interest in the field.

Recipient: Caroline Burke


The Allen American Studies Prize

Given by the Allen family in memory of Neal Woodside Allen, grandfather of David Allen ‘93 and Nicholas Allen ‘95, is awarded to a senior for outstanding achievement and genuine interest in United States history, government, and politics.

Recipient: Benjamin Grayzel


The Bishins-Strachman Economics Prize

Established by Andrew A. Bishins ‘89 and Daniel A. Strachman ‘89 and is awarded to the senior who has taken economics most to heart as evidenced by involvement in class discussion, as well as curiosity about and enthusiasm for current events.

Recipient: Denisa Lata


The Farnsworth Mathematics Prize

Awarded in the name of Ray D. Farnsworth, Head of Chapel Hill School from 1947-1961, to a senior who has completed excellent work in mathematics while consistently demonstrating a deep and genuine interest in the field.

Recipient: Benjamin Grayzel


The Kurt Science Prize

Named for Franklin T. Kurt, goes to a senior who has not only produced excellent work but also demonstrated a deep and genuine interest in the field of science.

Recipient: Phannita Siriwattanawong


The Lewis C. Clapp Science Prize

Established in 2001 in the name of Lewis Clapp, Chauncy Hall Class of 1954, and is awarded to a senior with a keen interest in science, who, while also demonstrating kindness and concern for others, is curious to learn and enjoys being challenged.

Recipient: Caroline Burke


The Paul Economides Prize

Named for Paul Economides, French teacher from 1960-1989 and chair emeritus of the World Language Department, and is given to a senior who has demonstrated consistent interest and skill in a world language.

Recipient: Denisa Lata


The Performing Arts Prize

Presented to the senior whose creativity, artistic ability, and outstanding work in the performing arts merit special recognition.

Recipient: Zhenqi Liu


The Visual Arts Prize

Goes to the member of the graduating class whose creativity, artistic ability, and outstanding work in the visual arts merit special recognition.

Recipient: Alicia Walker


The José Rafael Arboleda Sportsmanship and Sportswomanship Awards

Established by family and friends in memory of José Rafael Arboleda, Class of 1978, recognizes students who have shown the highest degree of citizenship in athletic endeavors.

Recipients: Dylan Gomes and Caroline Burke


Senior Awards

Siri Akal Singh Khalsa Award

Given in the name of Dr. Siri Akal Singh Khalsa, Head of School at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall from 2002-2009, this award is presented to a graduating senior who exemplifies social consciousness, demonstrating outstanding courage, respect, and kindness during his or her development as a valued member of our school and the community.

Recipient: Hannah Goodman


MIT Prize

Awarded to a senior who has realized high academic achievement, this prize recognizes the balancing of a challenging course load and the application of technology in the pursuit of excellence.

Recipient: Benjamin Grayzel


Faculty Prizes

These prizes are awarded to members of the senior class who have been outstanding citizens, contributing significantly to the general well-being or spirit of the school.

Recipients: Caroline Mia Burke, Dylan Gomes, Nia Frances Williams, Phannita Siriwattanawong, Elena Lee Smith, Henry Kyeong Lebed


School Spirit Award

This prize recognizes the senior who has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude toward the school.

Recipient: Yaqi Liu


Headmaster’s Prize

The Headmaster’s Prize honors the senior who has shown the most improvement.

Recipient: Benjamin Gold


Worcester Prize

Established in memory of Joseph Worcester, who served for many years on the Board of Trustees of Chapel Hill School, this prize is awarded annually to the senior with a high academic record who has most consistently displayed leadership, integrity, personal humility, and service to the school.

Recipient: Denisa Lata


Valedictorian: Denisa Lata

Salutatorians: Benjamin Grazyel and Zhenqi Liu

CH-CH Society Prize: Stephanie Daniels

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