Why We Do This: Winter Carnival

Posted by Nick Ironside '10 on 2/6/19 2:48 PM

As soon as the school year begins, students begin the countdown to one of the most anticipated events of the year...


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The Power of Creativity in 21st Century Learning

Posted by Dr. Margaret Allen on 12/5/18 2:30 PM

Rapid change, complexity, and social divisiveness mark the world today. How will we survive tomorrow? Will we be able to sustain the human values that we cherish - kindness, courage, empathy? What is the role of schools in this moment? Educational leaders are faced with a central dilemma; how and what do you teach in the context of continuing change, with facts and ideas that become obsolete in the moment, and careers and work areas that have not yet been imagined? And how does a school like CH-CH respond to these challenges?

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Public Speaking: A Pep Talk for Students

Posted by Cassandra Dinkel on 10/17/18 11:15 AM

You begin to walk to the front of the classroom, feeling the eyes of your classmates watching you. You walk slowly, one step at a time, palms sweating, heart rate quickening. But then you pause. You take a look at your One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest poster with its beautiful, vibrant colors and remember that you spent at least an hour and a half practicing in preparation for this presentation. You turn to the class, feeling confident, a smile spreading across your face and feel not so nervous anymore.

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Art-Making in the 21st Century

Posted by Jamie Palmer Keating on 10/11/18 11:00 AM


Art-making in the 21st century is challenging, rewarding, and maddening, all at once. To succeed as an artist in the 21st century, you must be well-versed in technology, oral and written communication, art history, politics, and of course, your medium. Whether it’s as a performer or a visual artist, being creative is multi-faceted.


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2-Column Notes vs. Visual Notes

Posted by Maura Henry on 9/26/18 11:53 AM

Did you know that studies have shown that students that hand-write their notes learn more than those that type their notes? I mention this because notes are one of the most crucial tools in keeping students organized and allowing them to develop their own understanding of new material, but when is the last time that anyone has thought about how they're taking notes?

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