Inside Campus as Canvas: David Allen '93 Interview

Posted by Julia Kennard on 3/14/23 9:05 AM

Allen is a last name that appears across campus; on buildings, in yearbooks, in the school’s history, and seen through sculpture. David Allen (DA) '93, son of Margaret Allen, is a sculptor who created two pieces as part of the Campus as Canvas initiative, The Core and The Sphere. In an interview, Allen gave insight into his work on campus, The Core on the island by South Hall and The Sphere in the courtyard at the Learning Commons. 

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Monsters, Sword Fights, and the Return to Theatre at CH-CH

Posted by Matt Soule on 11/29/21 1:42 PM

CH-CH’s Theatre Program Director, Bekah LaCoste, can’t help getting emotional when she thinks about how long the road has been for students to be able to perform in a theater for live audiences again, and how incredible the impact was. “Hearing laughter in the space, in such a big voluminous way, is so inspiring,” she said, wiping away tears. “It made everyone remember how valuable theatre is, to everyone involved.”

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CH-CH's Spring Visual Arts Show Goes Virtual

Posted by Maeve Doolan on 5/22/20 6:16 AM

This year, the Spring Art Show at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School has gone virtual! We are excited to welcome you to the Virtual Spring Visual Arts Show, which represents every art student in the CH-CH community.

In addition to the virtual gallery tour, we are highlighting the four graduating AP Art students with a selection of their artwork from this year. Their full AP portfolios can be found on the websites that they have created, linked below.

Enjoy the show!

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Topics: Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, Class of 2020, Visual and Performing Arts

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