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Teacher Spotlight: Sam Cruz | From Netflix to the Classroom

Posted by Rebecca Lemaitre on 12/20/22 9:03 AM

Members of the CH-CH community might be surprised to find a familiar face on their TV screens this holiday season. Is that Spanish Teaching Fellow Samantha Cruz sending up a cloud of flour from her stand mixer on Netflix’s Nailed It? Why yes, in fact, it is! If you have a Netflix account, you can watch the episode here.

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Topics: Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, Teacher Spotlight

Alumni Profile: Em Chonofsky ‘14, Em the Ready

Posted by Rebecca Lemaitre on 10/25/22 8:33 AM

It’s the middle of summer and Em Chonofsky ‘14 admits that her home is “the equivalent of being in your car with all the windows open. So it is warm.” That’s just one quirk she’s learned to live with, residing aboard a 48' long, 6'10" wide steel boat, known as a narrowboat. She first felt the lure to live aboard one of these UK canal boats as a university student six years ago, but it wasn’t until she was a working woman that Em made the leap into boat ownership.

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