Want To Know The Lessons That Are Important To Teenagers? Let Them Take Over The Classroom.

Posted by Ben Whitman on 4/25/19 2:22 PM

When students at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School were given the freedom to create their own lesson plans for Diversity Day workshops, 16 individuals and groups came together to lead rich workshops designed to educate our community on a wide range of topics.

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Topics: Boarding School, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, Student Skill Building, Caring Community, Embracing Diversity, Inclusion, Leadership

Six Core Values for Tomorrow's Leaders

Posted by Crystal Soule on 1/16/19 2:04 PM

What values are essential for tomorrow’s leaders? This is a question that is top-of-mind for the directors of CH-CH’s Running Brook Camps’ Leadership Training Program, and the lessons they have focused can benefit leaders of any age.

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Topics: Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, Caring Community, Leadership, Running Brook Camps

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