Six Core Values for Tomorrow's Leaders

Posted by Crystal Soule on 1/16/19 2:04 PM

What values are essential for tomorrow’s leaders? This is a question that is top-of-mind for the directors of CH-CH’s Running Brook Camps’ Leadership Training Program, and the lessons they have focused can benefit leaders of any age.

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The Celebration of Flag Day

Posted by Ko L. '22 on 1/9/19 2:46 PM

Flag Day is a tradition at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall that dates back as long as most people can remember. Each year, students choose a flag with meaning to them and ceremonially present it to the CH-CH community with a speech about their connection to it.


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CH-CH Teachers Receive Emotional Holiday Surprise from Alumni

Posted by Matt Soule on 12/23/18 11:15 AM

Teachers at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall received an emotional surprise this holiday season, as their former students delivered an unexpected personal message about the impact these teachers have made on their lives.

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Community Service for the Common Good

Posted by Bekah LaCoste and Kelly Walsh on 12/12/18 11:36 AM

In its mission, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, “challenges young men and women to realize their individual potential, experience academic success, and develop moral strength and personal integrity.” Part of this work involves helping students experience and learn from the world beyond the boundaries of our 42-acre campus.

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The Power of Creativity in 21st Century Learning

Posted by Dr. Margaret Allen on 12/5/18 2:30 PM

Rapid change, complexity, and social divisiveness mark the world today. How will we survive tomorrow? Will we be able to sustain the human values that we cherish - kindness, courage, empathy? What is the role of schools in this moment? Educational leaders are faced with a central dilemma; how and what do you teach in the context of continuing change, with facts and ideas that become obsolete in the moment, and careers and work areas that have not yet been imagined? And how does a school like CH-CH respond to these challenges?

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CH-CH Alumni Artists: Daniel Hedges '02, Cinematographer and Documentarian

Posted by Ben Cowen-Whitman '14 on 11/28/18 2:51 PM

Cinematographer and documentarian Daniel Hedges '02 has moved from the CH-CH campus to the sets of TV and film projects. Hedges continues to draw on the creativity and inspiration he gained at CH-CH as he tells stories that reach across the globe.



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Thank You, Teachers!

Posted by Benjamin Rogers on 11/27/18 3:19 PM

Today is #GivingTuesday, a national movement to promote the giving spirit during the holiday season. Students at CH-CH put together a video message to share their gratitude with teachers at CH-CH and beyond. 

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And Now, Your Senior Presenter...

Posted by Matt Soule on 11/14/18 3:41 PM

The following article, And Now, Your Senior Presenter..., was featured in the 2017 issue of CH-CH Chronicle, the magazine of Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School. The Chronicle is available to read digitally here. Keep an eye out for more articles showcasing CH-CH Senior Presentations coming soon! 



It's 1:15 p.m. and the arched ceiling of the Assembly Hall echoes with the laughter of students as they continue their conversations from lunch. The crowd becomes silent as the Head of School, Dr. Lance Conrad, approaches the podium and straightens the microphone. After giving a reminder to place phones on silent, Dr. Conrad introduces one of the most significant traditions at CH-CH with steady words, "And now, your Senior Presenter..."

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The Road to Back-to-Back Championships

Posted by Matt Soule on 11/7/18 11:18 AM

Last fall proved to be the season of champions at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School. The Varsity Volleyball and Cross Country teams both clenched league championships for the first time in school history.

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Halloween Story Contest Winner: Eternal Island

Posted by CH-CH Student on 10/31/18 3:10 PM

The following short story was written by a Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall student and won the annual Halloween Story Contest.  


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