The Colleges Welcoming CH-CH's Class of 2020

Posted by Brooke Fincke on 6/23/20 12:51 PM

The Class of 2020 at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall faced unprecedented challenges, adversity, and hurdles in the final months of their senior year. They met and conquered each obstacle in their collective paths with grace, humility, a positive and collaborative spirit, and most importantly, the skills and tools they developed over their years in high school that now resoundly prove their ability to define and achieve success in college and beyond.

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Speak Up, Stand Up.

Posted by Dr. Lance Conrad, Ed.D. on 6/1/20 3:53 PM
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Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall's 2020 Baccalaureate Ceremony

Posted by Ben Whitman on 5/31/20 1:09 PM
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CH-CH's Spring Visual Arts Show Goes Virtual

Posted by Maeve Doolan on 5/22/20 6:16 AM

This year, the Spring Art Show at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School has gone virtual! We are excited to welcome you to the Virtual Spring Visual Arts Show, which represents every art student in the CH-CH community.

In addition to the virtual gallery tour, we are highlighting the four graduating AP Art students with a selection of their artwork from this year. Their full AP portfolios can be found on the websites that they have created, linked below.

Enjoy the show!

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Tips For Thriving During Distance Learning

Posted by CH-CH Skills and Academic Support Faculty on 4/30/20 8:23 AM

Now that teachers and students have adjusted to new schedules and routines, it’s important to embrace the current learning environment. The Skills and Academic Support Department at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall is here to help you continue to succeed while at home with strategies and tips that will keep you in a motivated and engaged mindset.

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Transforming Your Communication at Home [Including PDF Guide]

Posted by Kenna Weber on 4/13/20 8:38 AM
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An Open Letter To The Class Of 2020

Posted by Ben Riggs on 3/25/20 8:34 AM
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CH-CH Admissions Live Q&A Recap

Posted by Ben Whitman on 3/20/20 1:45 PM

Recently, the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall Admissions team went live on YouTube to answer parent questions about the independent school admissions process. CH-CH Director of Enrollment Management, Lisa Pelrine, was joined by current students Sonya G. '21 and Elena S. '20 for the webinar. You can watch a rebroadcast of the Q&A here, and in this article we'll outline some of the answers to the great questions asked by the families watching!

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CH-CH Varsity Basketball: Two Teams, Two Leagues, Four Championships

Posted by Lori White on 2/27/20 9:01 AM

Over the past two school years, the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School athletics program shattered centuries-old school records by securing twelve championships from their boys and girls varsity programs. With a championship mindset going into the winter 2019-2020 season, the Chargers were eager to bring home another trophy for their respective basketball leagues.

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CH-CH Opens New Visual & Performing Arts Center

Posted by Matt Soule on 2/13/20 2:32 PM

On Wednesday, February 12th, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School opened the doors to their new Visual & Performing Arts Center. The $5.5M project has transformed a historic 19th-century Waltham barn into a 22,000 square foot, cutting edge center for the arts.

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