The Colleges Welcoming CH-CH's Class of 2019

Posted by Brooke Fincke on 5/8/19 3:46 PM

The Class of 2019 at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, can be defined by their broad range of interests- from meteorology to documentary filmmaking, from illustration to early childhood education, and all the computer science, sociology, mechanical engineering, math, and political science majors in between.  

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A College Counselor's Timeline & Tips for 11th and 12th Grade Students

Posted by Brooke Fincke on 8/15/18 10:53 AM

Does the thought of the SAT and ACT make you nervous? Do college tours and fairs make your palms sweat? Overwhelmed and haven't even started junior year yet? Sit down, have some water, relax and have no fear. Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall's Director of College Counseling, Brooke Fincke, has counseled over 500 students through the college admission process, and has put together a comprehensive list of the entire college process, from the first day of 11th grade to graduation, in easy-to-follow steps:


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