Inside Campus as Canvas: David Allen '93 Interview

Posted by Julia Kennard on 3/14/23 9:05 AM

Allen is a last name that appears across campus; on buildings, in yearbooks, in the school’s history, and seen through sculpture. David Allen (DA) '93, son of Margaret Allen, is a sculptor who created two pieces as part of the Campus as Canvas initiative, The Core and The Sphere. In an interview, Allen gave insight into his work on campus, The Core on the island by South Hall and The Sphere in the courtyard at the Learning Commons. 

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Topics: Boarding School, Alumni Artists, Beyond the Classroom, Visual and Performing Arts

CH-CH Alumni Artists: Daniel Hedges '02, Cinematographer and Documentarian

Posted by Ben Cowen-Whitman '14 on 11/28/18 2:51 PM

Cinematographer and documentarian Daniel Hedges '02 has moved from the CH-CH campus to the sets of TV and film projects. Hedges continues to draw on the creativity and inspiration he gained at CH-CH as he tells stories that reach across the globe.



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Topics: Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, Alumni Entrepreneurs, Alumni Artists

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