Luke DiOrio ‘10 The Path from CH-CH Graduate to Teacher

Posted by Rebecca Lemaitre on 4/29/24 3:12 PM

 Luke DiOrio '10 is not only a Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School alumnus, but he's also a faculty member in our Visual and Performing Arts department. Recently, Luke took advantage of Spring Break to attend a photography conference in Northern Ireland, but we (CH-CH) were able to steal a few moments of his time for some questions (and obligatory Ireland pics!)

Luke DiOrio Student to Alumni

CH: You've been a faculty member now for just about as long as you were a student. What's changed at CH-CH in that time? What feels the same?

LD: Over the years, I've witnessed significant changes at CH-CH, notably the remarkable renovation of facilities such as the Barn (Visual and Performing Arts Center), dramatically enhancing our artistic and creative environment. However, amidst these transformations, the steadfast commitment to supporting students remains unchanged. As a faculty member now for nearly as long as I was a student, I find striking similarities between myself and current students, reflecting the enduring ethos of community and growth at CH-CH.


Photograph from Luke DiOrio 10 featured in the Alumni Art Show

Photo by Luke DiOrio '10 featured in the Alumni Art Show

CH: Did you know in college that you wanted to be an educator? What drew you back to CH-CH to teach photography, in particular?

LD: In college, I didn't envision becoming an educator, but my summers at Running Brook Day Camp on the CH-CH campus sparked a passion for working with children. What drew me back to CH-CH was the opportunity to support students who reminded me of myself and to share my love for photography, much like former faculty member, Alice Solorow, did for me. The chance to inspire and mentor young photographers in a nurturing environment felt like a natural fit, aligning perfectly with my experiences and aspirations.

Currently, Luke is planning the upcoming Alumni Ultimate Frisbee game, which is always a highlight of the year!


Photo by Luke DiOrio '10unnamed-6-1

Photo by Luke DiOrio '10

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