Our First Year: Poems of Reflection

Posted by Michael Streeter on 12/12/19 12:27 PM


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Being a newcomer can elicit a wide range of emotions. As I reflect back on my year, I can think of no better way to express my feelings and commemorate my journey than through poetry. I asked one of my Skills and Academic Support (SAS) students, Dallas R. ’21, who was also new last year, to join me by writing her own piece.





By Michael Streeter,

Skills and Academic Support Teacher







My first day, was my last breath

An exhale of exuberance, intellect, and experience.


I’ve been here before, but everything and everyone

Is new to me.


New faces remind me of familiar places

A collection of cultures

An array of ambitions

A kaleidoscope of shared hope

An awakening of the diversity of dreams and dreamers

Being and becoming actualized.


I am the recipient of education rested on reciprocity

Each one, teach one..mind body and soul

How students learn.


I have learned that

Fashion, language, art, music, and food

Are the five senses of self-identity


As an educator, I am the curator and cultivator

Of cultural potential


The operator of the roller coaster that is high school

Ups and downs of friendships

The smiles and frowns

Twists and turns that lead to self-discovery

Life lessons learned.


My first year has been a life lived in retrospect

Retracing the steps of my own educational journey

That ultimately Led me to You.


Fresh New Eyes


By Dallas R.

Class of 2021






I walked onto campus not knowing if I would fit in

Friends, I had few going into this

I had been the new student many times

But still was I scared



I had never felt such a warm and welcoming community

Reminded me of home

Reminding me of the warm embrace of a mother




Never have I seen a school give back like this

Students taking time out of their day to help others

Warmth emanating from every corner of the campus

Only word I know how to describe it is FAMILY


Daily life,

Breakfast with the students, teachers, faculty and their families

Classes with teachers that make you feel important

Lunch with friends and teachers

After school a family of its own



I have never felt so welcome

A space that accepts me for who I am without question

Like the rest of the school emanating warmth and love

The ability to just let go at the end of the day and do something I




Never have I seen boarding students and day students



It is hard to tell who lives at school and who doesn’t

Everyone is treated the same, celebrated for their




Michael Streeter is a Skills and Academic Support (SAS) Teacher at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, MA. Learn more about the SAS curriculum, student life, and caring community at CH-CH.

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