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Changing Self-Talk to Get Things Done

Posted by Maura Henry on 8/14/19 8:33 AM

Being stuck and unable to get motivated can be a terrible feeling, but you have the power to change your mindset by changing your self-talk. We all have internal speech (self-talk), which is prominent in the following situations:

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Want To Hang Out This Weekend? Making Lasting Friendships at School

Posted by Maura Henry on 2/20/19 1:16 PM

Friendships are important at every age, but the friendships formed in middle school and high school can make a major impact at this highly-impressionable time. The Journal of Educational Psychology recently surveyed 242 middle school students and found that “students begin to form a sense of self based in part on their interactions with their peers. They also tend to look to each other for help and support as they make other important physical, cognitive and school-related transitions" (Vol. 96, No. 2).

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2-Column Notes vs. Visual Notes

Posted by Maura Henry on 9/26/18 11:53 AM

Did you know that studies have shown that students that hand-write their notes learn more than those that type their notes? I mention this because notes are one of the most crucial tools in keeping students organized and allowing them to develop their own understanding of new material, but when is the last time that anyone has thought about how they're taking notes?

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